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 xxVodkaxx Gm App

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PostSubject: xxVodkaxx Gm App   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:57 pm

Hi my name is Cal...
I'm 23yrs old, living in an area of Malaysia (u guys wouldnt know which area is it anyways unless you're a Singaporean or Malaysian...haha Razz ) Throughout my life i've learn to be a steady learner...eager to know, eager to sit down and listen. I'm also known to be a person with principles...probably due to my age LOL. But because of it i'm trusted by my friends...and i am a loyal person. Call me old school but OLD SCHOOL RAWKs!!! =P
Erm...well its been long since i wanna apply to be a Gm. At 1st i was watching how a Gm does its work everyday...(eg. duhpieman(andrew), mike, skyler etc) in area51ms. I realised tht it aint easy to be a gm. It takes patience, coordination and pace to become 1.
To be truthful, i've never become 1 before. But, i know i have what it takes to become a great Gm. In KelloggsMs, i've learn to be watchful for illegal players (eg using Gm items, hacking at non-hacking channels...etc) and reporting them to any GMs available.
My online time is usually from 12pm EST till about 7pm EST and onlines back at 1am EST till 5am EST. Tis unusual time of online time is cuz im from Asia...I'm the opposite of the opposite. LOL.
So erm...i can say my greatest asset is being able to online when most GMs are unable to. So i can keep watch of the server when no1 else is around. =]

Hope u guys care to read it and give it a chance...its my greatest honor to be able to serve the players in KelloggsMs and mostly, KelloggsMs itself. ^.^

p/s: my ign is xxVodkaxx

Peace peeps!
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xxVodkaxx Gm App
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