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 Tony's new Gm Application

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PostSubject: Tony's new Gm Application   Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:22 pm

Why i want to be a gm: Hi, My name is Tony and i want to be a gm to help this awesome server thrive and succeed. Im Very active and i help everyone who needs it.On my first day of this server i made tons of new freinds, im pratically freinds with all the gms. I cant forget the moment me, Andrew and Lin saved ron from a homo dude and his brother it was priceless, And now They all saved me.Sabia and andrew this time. Lol This server is a good honest place for freinds, i dont know waht i would be doing right now if they didnt give me a heads up about this.=] Overall i want this server to be number one and im inviting as many people as i can to this server. My goal is to have KelloggsMs a fun and safe place for people to hang out and chill. sunny

Why i need to: I feel i need to be a gm to help this server suceed and take some preasure of the current Gms. im inviting freindly people to this server and im hoping it will Grow to be number one some day.

Why i will die : I wont neccasirly die if i dont get picked but il be pretty sad. From the first day i played maplestory and found out about gms, i said to mysef woah one day i want to be one of them. i love to see the reaction when i help a noob or anyone =]

My opinions: I think this server is number one its a nice small community That is very social and fun to be around. As i said before i want this server to thrive and be number one. =]

When im on : Well... im usuallyvery active im mostly on all day on weekends and after school from 3:00 ~9:00Pm. sometimes i check up on the server in the mornings.
Were i live.: Im in Los Angeles California and im proud to be here lol!
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Tony's new Gm Application
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