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 Alecks GM App ~ Ingame ~ ! A Must Reader !

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PostSubject: Alecks GM App ~ Ingame ~ ! A Must Reader !   Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:27 am

[ My Gm App ]
Name: Alex.

IGN: Alecks IGN= InGameName

Age: 16

Experience [Coder?, Scripter? etc...]:
Well I've worked at 7 Other servers, which are still running, And Im not Very active in those, because I usually Spend my Computer time On this Server. Yes i can attend all Times Im currently on 5 ~ 7 Hours a Day. I Go on in the Evening because school has now Started, And yes, School does give LOADS of Homework, But i will Be Very Active Anyway, Anyhow Im Absent a Day or So, That means im Doing Homework, Doing Things in Real Life. My abssence Will be Worked up Too, I will Work Lots and Help out Our Characters! Very Happy Our Server Is Going to be Growing Really Fast!

What i Can do to Help?:
I Can Make this Server Gain More people To Acces Our Community, Many New players Will be Seen Online. I may also Help the server out By Making More Forums, Editing the site [if Needed][With Owner's Permission]. Forum Help And Much More!.

How much Time will you Donate to this Server?:
I Will anyhow Donate as Much Time as I Possibly can, As i said before school HAS started and My abssences will be worked up too.

Can I Make Our Community Proud?
Yes I can! Always Do.

Have you Been Recommended From Other servers?:
Yes, But that was my Friends, But still Its a Recommendation.

Thank you for taking your Time to Read My Application, Have a Great Day ~ Love Alex ~

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Alecks GM App ~ Ingame ~ ! A Must Reader !
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