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 Curran [Nestea]'s GM application

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PostSubject: Curran [Nestea]'s GM application   Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:04 pm

This is my GM application.
Exclamation Profile Exclamation
Name : Curran
Age : 14
Time Zone : EST
Activeness : Almost everyday, after school, weekends.

Question Questions Question
why do I want to be a GM?
I'd like to help maplers with their problems and make KelloggsMS the best private server people have experienced.
Why do I need to be a GM?
Like I said in the above question, I'd like to help maplers and I will be responsible if they break the rules.
Why will I die if you don't make me one?
I will not die if you dont make me a GM. I am here to use my spare time to help this server. I am not really that addicted to Maple Story. But I will try my best to make this server a good one.

bounce Personal Experience bounce
I made my own private server once. But it was unsuccessful. I couldn't make it online. I still need to memorize the codes for some specific monsters (like NX slimes, boss, etc) but I have been a GM before in it.

Happy Mapling!
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Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Re: Curran [Nestea]'s GM application   Sat Sep 20, 2008 2:55 pm

bump o.o
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Curran [Nestea]'s GM application
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