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PostSubject: GM APP KNPepsi PLz   Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:56 pm

I Want to be GM cause i am very exp and i want to help people in this ps
i have gm acc in different server i know codes im nice and and i can help. i know it hard work to be a gm but i can go up to it i will make time for it and everything

i know how to fix some stuff that might affect ur char. so they dont have to restart
i know other things too and i can get people to join and etc talk to me on hamachi my name is Kevin o.O

i dont like hackers and i want to fix it so it will be fair to everyone and hope it will be fun to everyone too
i am always active for like 5hr-24hrs and i can help people
i am friendly and want to make friends with everyone in game

Why i will die if i dont get the app
Well i like this server alot and i want to help people in any way and i think i should get it but others too if i dont get it well i hope its some1 better then me i put others first instead of my own

well i helped some people to find stuff like pet, job, warp, nx
and helped them find out y some stuff didnt work

and lastly i helped catch some hackers Razz http://kelloggsms.googoolz.com/report-boss-hackers-f4/hackers-in-boss-t62.htm
also i got about 3+ people to play this server Smile but i hope all our old people is back
ill try to help get more people to come so it will be more fun

Well Andrew deserve it gj man Smile have fun on being a gm

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PostSubject: Re: GM APP KNPepsi PLz   Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:23 pm

really good, but short
I Like it a lot
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