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 XoXsasukeXoX application

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PostSubject: XoXsasukeXoX application   Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:07 pm

IGN: XoXsasukeXoX
Age: 13
Name: Steven

I have been playing maplestory for about 2 years and enjoy playing the game. I want to become a gm because i enjoy helping new people and helping them out. I am annoying at times but i take things really serious. I would appreciate being a gm in Kelloggs ms because to me its one of the funnest servers out of all the private servers. I play about 7-12 hours when theres no school. I play 3-8 hours when there is school. I do tell the truth and would jail/ban people for the right reason. I personally think hacking is not such a great things cause it proves nothing and shows that your not good at anything.
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XoXsasukeXoX application
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