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 Drew's Gm application

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PostSubject: Drew's Gm application   Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:14 pm

Personal Information
Name: Drew Zhang
IGN: Philzor
Age: 16
Attending third year in highschool with a 4.1 gpa (yes its possible if your school has A+ )
Gender: Male
Time zone: Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -10 hours
No daylight saving time in 2008

Experiences That i Have
Made my own titan and odinsourced private server. However i realized that it is very difficult to run a private server especally keeping your computer on 24/7 unless you buy a dedicated server. So i shutdown my project. I was a gm in Netms Schyfalems Istory. I was also a Moderator in Runescape back when i was 11 =]
Been Playing MS for about 4 years on CMS for 1 year and GMS for 1 years and 8 months on GMS and 4 months on Private servers. P.s Played odin for beta. Ive been on and off maple in the last year because I wanted to try flyff gunz and bots.

What are some qualities of a good GM?
1. Should stay nice whether you are a gm or if your a player because i hate people who act nice as a player in the game but when they become GM they act ignorant.
2. Not to treat any players better than others also known as VIP (Treating each player the same) (Ex. Giving your friends special items)
3. Help to reduce spam and Introduce people to the server.
4. Jailing Hackers and banning the ones that are a threat to the server (megaphone spamming hack) or do continuous hacking.
5. Making sure that the Server is in tiptop shape Very Happy

Why do I Want to become a GM for Kelloggsms?
There are a bunch of reasons why:
1. I started playing kelloggsms and It had the best community and GMs out of all the private servers i played (cakestory(shutdown) Ancientms, Funstory, Blissms, Meowms,netms weedms, dagonms eetcetc

Yes i will advertise. I know friends who are want to play a private server and i got like 23 people in my school that play private servers. All i have to do is to tell them to play this server and they will. They will probally enjoy it just like i do.

Anything else you would like to add ?
I am willing to follow all the rules exactly down to the last detail.
I would be willing to learn anything if it could help (Ex. C++ Java ASM etc etc.)
I will also Play 8 hours the least to help since this is summer but when schools opens only 3 hours at least because i have a ton of homework.
Also heres a picture for the GMs to see and just the players to get to know me better
I was acting retarded so yea. Im not korean or japanese because thats what most people say lol.
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Drew's Gm application
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