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 iRaxxu's GM application

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PostSubject: iRaxxu's GM application   Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:50 pm

hello. my name is Max 15 years old.
i love maple has play it in almost 2 years. i know a lot of gm commonds ,i live in sweden gmt 1+ i play 15-20h ea day when its no school, but is it school i play like 7-11h ;D
. id like to help ppl and want alot of exp, if i be GM i be happy =). ask me if u want know anythiing . and u can add email: XxRaxxiXx@live.se

p.s: my english suck ><

My name in game: iRaxxu
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iRaxxu's GM application
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